Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A night of remembering...

Jay and I celebrated ten years this last Friday. And it a fabulous night.  Jay took control of all the planning and wouldn't let me lift a finger and this is what he did...

I dropped the boys off at a friends, who volunteered to watch the boys for the night, and went home to get ready.  And man did I look good.  :)  At 6'oclock we were ready to go to the secret destination #1.  He told me he was taking us to a memorable place that changed our lives forever.

It's where we were married!  Natchez Trace bridge in Franklin is a very significant place for us and we wanted it to be apart of our wedding. young!

Jay had flowers waiting for me.  They were daisies which is what my bouquet was in my wedding.  Super thoughtful and very romantic!

We reminisced about that wonderful day ten years ago and then went off to surprise #2.

We arrived at the Factory to enjoy some good food from Saffire.  As we were walking towards the restaurant, Jay was telling me how when we were married we were surrounded by friends and as we celebrate our tenth, we should be surrounded by friends.  My dear friends who I harassed to give me clues to what Jay was doing, who told me to text them when I found out what he was doing and who volunteered to watch my boys while we went out were there at the restaurant!  I was so thrilled to be with my friends, enjoy food and to celebrate our tenth! 

Thank you to my wonderful friends for avoiding my questions and taking the time to celebrate with us!  I am blessed beyond words to have you all in my life!  xoxox

We had a great time eating and laughing but it was time for dessert.  I was going all out for this!  We all ordered dessert and suddenly this crazy cake landed in front of me!  Oh my's a replica of the cake we had at our wedding!!  A Mad Hatter cake!!  And um, Jay what are you doing on your knee?  Jay got down on one knee and said...Well I don't really know what he said because he had a diamond ring in his hand and that's all my brain was computing.  diamonds...I see sparkly.  I'm sorry, Jay, were you saying something?

I was so happy and elated how wonderfully romantic my husband is and how I am the luckiest girl on the planet to have found him.  But wait, there's more!  Not just a night of splendor with an amazing husband but also a night at a bed and breakfast!!  Say what?!  You heard me.  My husband ROCKS!

I had the MOST amazing night with the most wonderful surprises and I only teared up once.  I think it was the sparkly diamonds blinding me which then caused tears to form.  I cannot wait to spend another 80 years with this man.  I know that is physically impossible but if that means cryogenically frozen for eternity, then move over Walt Disney, we are taking your place!