Saturday, March 5, 2011

just a few things...

My mind is full of random thoughts and I must get them out.....

1. I love fonts.  I want my penmanship to switch fonts at will.  my quick writing is disgusting but when I have the right pen (it's all about the pen) and the time, I believe my penmanship is not too shabby.  Except now I am bored and I want to switch it up.  I envy people that can print so nicely especially those who can write sloppy and it still looks amazing.  sigh....time to study a new writing style.

2.  I am fed up with not feeling like I am being supported by the people that I should feel it from.  I feel as though I am being judged for what I do or believe or how I change my mind, which I do quite frequently.  I am not speaking specifically to one person but a random mix of people with the random feelings I feel.  I cannot possibly please everyone and why should I?  It's exhausting and feels like high school drama that I literally just want to shut it down and move on without a care in the world.  Is it their insecurity?  my insecurity?  my need to do what ever i want?  their need to do what they want.  See....exhausting!!!  I read too much into things but then again, if I don't, I seem to hurt the very people that I love the most.  my brain just blew up.

3.  I overwhelm easily.  I cannot stand that about myself.  and I certainly cannot imagine anybody else liking it.  But I believe I can kick myself out of a pity party pretty quick.  It doesn't do any good to have one and when you invite someone and they show up it is the most depressing thing.  Might as well not have one and try to keep trudging on.  Things can always be worse.....

4.  I feel like things are shifting for my family.  I don't know why I feel this way, but I do.  I just feel a shift.  I am going to close the door and just peek out before I welcome that shift.  Does that even work?

5.  I heart Greek yogurt.

6.  I have a new job and I LOVE it.  I am not really doing anything fantastic but I love it.  I work with some really great people and I am in front of a computer and it's part-time.  I am so very blessed.  so.very.blessed

My hubby just texted me to go to bed.  That is some serious stuff.


Jen Johnston said...

I just got this post in my inbox. But I haven't even seen this version of your blog. Weird! But I liked it! And can totally relate to points 1-5 and wish I had point 6. ;)

hutch mom said...

LOVE 24! though i can't watch it post newborn until about the third or fourth month...wait that's NOW!

YOU are a fantastic mom! every time i see you w/ your boys or talk about your boys...your a cool "boy" mom!

i'm *trying* to let the Father help me not get overwhelmed easily ~ and
i love greek yogurt too ~ though most of the time i spell it yougert!