Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moments....crazy life moments

I am sure there are lots of times in our lives that we feel we are supposed to do something. Whether it be to buy that shirt that's on sale or whether to sit and watch TV or clean the kitchen for the 80th time that day. Or something more serious like move to California or stay put.

Well that was the decision that we were facing. I could go into the details of how it came to be but I'll save the drama for another day. After a many conversations and pros and cons and LOTS of praying, Jay and I decided that a move to California would be a good choice for us and we really felt like that was where we were being lead. Let me preface by saying that feelings are neither right nor wrong.

We told our close friends and explained our decision and put our house up for sale. We had a time frame that we needed to sell it in and we laid that request before God and just let Him guide us from there. Well the time frame has come and gone and the house hasn't sold. We have had a lot of showings and several 2nd looks but it just didn't happen. So now we sit back and re-evaluate our feelings. In no way do we feel like God left us hanging or didn't follow through. We did what we felt like we were being led to do and it didn't happen like we thought. So now what?

Without going into a swirling miry pit of despair--we stopped and started to look at
the positive--we absolutely love where we live and we have the greatest friends so we are not lacking in that area. We go forward with our heads held high and continue to ask God what He has for us. It's funny to me how people get so upset at God for not answering their cries the way they want it be answered. I am guilty of the same thing.

My youngest pitches the hugest fit when I tell him no or not right now or be patient. We, as adults, are not much different. Our fits are different and more adult like; getting angry, holding a grudge, shutting down, punishing God by building that wall. When I respond to my child in a way he doesn't like, I am not doing it to be spiteful. I do this because I see the bigger picture and I am responding in love and in a way that I know will be best for him. Whether he likes it or not. Same with God. He has the ultimate big picture. He does everything out of love for us and our future. Who are we to tell Him he doesn't have it right?

Didn't mean to get preachy. In summary - we are not moving to Redding at this time. We are staying in Franklin and will continue to move forward with our lives and keep checking in with the big guy for guidance. California people can start their mourning process and Franklin people can rejoice that you get more of us. Who are the lucky ones??

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