Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is going on....

I'll tell you what is going And I am not so sure I signed up for it to look like this. Is there a petition somewhere I can sign that will change it into bubble gum flavored gooey goodness (minus the High Fructose Corn Syrup, of course!)

I never remember school being hard for me. Not bragging just being honest. I am not a genius, I just managed to get by in the basic courses through most of my school career. So when I had kids I never had a thought that they would not follow in my footsteps. Asher is not the most focused kid. He likes to play and think and be creative. He does not like writing dog, frog, log--ten times a day. I get the repetitive and I understand why they do it but it has to get boring after awhile. We have been working with him as much as our undisciplined selves can but it just doesn't seem to be enough for his teacher. I don't think I have ever heard anything positive come out of her mouth regarding him. Which breaks my heart. Because if you met my boy, my wonderful boy, you would see how amazing this kid is. He is not perfect. He can make me wanna pull my hair out in a blink of an eye, but he is amazing.

He's the most lovable boy. He is quick to give a hug or a kiss. He loves people. If I let him, he would never know a stranger. On good days, he is the sweetest brother. He is very kind to people. If somebody hurts themselves he is the first to ask if they are alright. His first instinct is to pray for Jesus to take the pain away. He knows how to smooth talk. He is curious about the human body and how it all works. He is curious about the world around him. He's a smart and full of life.

I am not sure if I am writing these things about him for my own sake or to reaffirm what I already know about him. I know that we will constantly run into people like his teacher. And I shouldn't sweat the small stuff. But I feel that if I don't write this down, it will fester and manifest itself to an ugly confrontation or an ugly email. I want to ask her why she doesn't focus on the great things in my son. Because I know that if you do that, the other stuff that hasn't matured....will come along nicely. I have to remind myself daily to focus on the heart of my child. And speak to his heart. Because our Creator made our hearts to beat in unison with Him. And when you speak into the heart...I believe you pull out the Creator and all His wonders to manifest itself in these tiny bodies.

I love this kid!!


Kristin said...

I love you and your heart and your boy's heart. His teacher does not see the whole child because she has limited time and space with him. I believe a gentle, honest note to her would be very eye opening (for her). He will be ok.

marse' said...

beautiful words from a beautiful soul for a beautiful boy! we love him and all his freckles!

Jen Johnston said...

Just now read this - I have tears! Because I know how that feels. Mark brought home a very nice, understanding, encouraging note from a sympathetic teacher today (his last day of high school) and it meant so much to him. Finally, on his last day of high school, someone decided to be nice and notice something good about my weird genius of a child. Why some people decide to become teachers is BEYOND me! But maybe teachers need encouragement sometimes, too. In other news, have you considered a Montessori-type school for Asher?