Wednesday, September 2, 2009

continuing with the random...

if there was a whistle in a thistle, would my mouth be sore?
if there were no umbrellas for the rain, would it would always pour?
if there was an elephant in the room, would he always be pink?
if i sat down and cried, what would people think?

if purple was the new black and yellow lost its sting
then red with white would be just a fling
if dogs only meowed and cats only barked
then who was that man who had just sparked


No matter how many times I type it, write it or attempt to memorize it I cannot spell certain words.
And the winners are- (drum roll please)

1. accidentally, I try to spell it accidentilly because that's how i say it. accident'I'lly not acciden'UH'ly.

2. diarrhea - I spell it like diarreah. I would really like to spell it diarreuh but I know there is no 'u' in it so I use different variations. And really, how many times would you use this word to remember how to spell it anyway?

3. more recently, respiratory. I kept spelling it respitory. perhaps when i say the word i slur it all together so i spelled it that way.

4. rhyme - I know there is an 'h' but I never remember where it is located. Ryhme, Rymhe, rhmye

a friend was asking for prayer for their situation and one person said, "my thoughts are with you".

I understand the sentiment but really....what is your thought going to do for them? if they get 10 good thoughts can they cash that in for good health? or a new car?
At least fake that you pray to a higher being and say you are in my prayers, or I will be praying. I would never wish my thoughts on anyone. At least God can take the thoughts and make something good out of them and toss them back down.

I started this one back in October of 2009:
Here is what I notice at airports since i have recently been at several in the last couple of days. Always in list form cuz that is how I roll.

1. People wear the most bizarre things to travel in. A velour sweatsuit. Really? a jogging suit? as if there is a running track in the terminal so if you have time to kill you can jog. awesome!

2. they will let anyone fly. and by anyone, I mean the crazy lady sitting directly across from me who keeps pretending not to stare but I see her looking at me and then she starts talking to herself. And I remember her from the flight I was previously on. She was the one standing in line and looked perplexed when people were waiting for her to move. She just stood there until people went around her. I hope she's on my next flight. and i really hope she sits next to me. sweet Jesus!

3. In the southwest section of the terminal they have these tall tables with stools and plug-ins for your laptop and cell phones. I like them except for the fact that I am always trying to pull my shirt down so that the plumber in me won't show. I would also like to say to the people 20 feet to my's not a table for you to eat at....not sure if you saw the outlets or not. But maybe you can stick your chip in the plugs and see what happens.

4. there are birds in this terminal. 2 of them. perhaps they are soul mates. and they can make a nest. and maybe next year if I fly through this airport again there will be a family of birds. and maybe in 10 years it will be a bird sanctuary. and that would be swell.

5. the announcements on the plane and in the terminal are soooooo loud. I am trying to figure out what they are trying to accomplishment by being loud. wake you up from your stupor? make sure you know that someone is talking and its not in your head?

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