Friday, May 15, 2009

why is random so much fun?

In the past month or so I have tried to write a complete blog. Because I am all over the place I usually try to keep the blog to one topic. This cannot happen.

For example, I started to write this on May 9th:

"a friend of mine has been trying to post a blog every week. She has been fairly consistent. 3 kids and a full time job, I am not sure how she does it. But it has inspired me to try....

Today we just got"

That's as far as I got. What is sad is that I have no idea what "we just got". I really want to know and am so curious.

In my quest to be ME, just me, wonderfully and fearfully made ME, I realized that I am random. Ask my close friends who have to think what I could possibly be talking about when I start to talk mid-sentence. Let me correct that, mid-conversation. For me, I have conversations in my head and then ask questions or make comments about that conversation out loud, not really realizing that nobody heard the beginning of the conversation. It absolutely drives my husband mad but I secretly think he loves me for it.

So, as I am still in the process of being ME in all my sarcasm glory...I'll keep true to form and just let it go. Welcome newcomers. Buckle up cuz the ride might be painful.

***Here's another not finished blog:
If I lived my life like I live whilst on vacation....

I would never do my hair because the beach look is in
I would never have to cook because finding a great restaurant, not a chain, is an adventure
I would be tan and feel skinny cuz tan fat looks better
I would never have to worry about whitening my teeth because of aforementioned tan
I would not have to buy exfoliation products because God made sand
I would not need to use a Neti pot because God made salt water
I would have 50 bottles of sunscreen, lotion and aloe instead of self-tanners and hair products.
I would only have to pick up the house and not clean clean because the cleaning people will show up eventually
I would (written just now) never have to write a blog because I would be having too much fun sunning?

***Here are a few tips I have learned on How to Avoid Being Scary Mom or HABSM

1. when kids start asking questions and do not stop so that you literally feel your brain swelling...I find that dropping to the ground and twitching, shuts them up pretty quick. questions may arise. mostly concerning your recent behavior. be aware.

2. when child starts to scream profusely because he can. Singing at the top of your lungs works. not to make him stop, but hopefully to drown out his screaming. What's really fun is trying to harmonize. What's not fun is when you can't harmonize and it sounds worse than the screaming.

3. that's it.

***We started on an almost all cash budget in January. not because of the economy but because we needed to make a financial decision that would set us up for success in the future. But then I realized by not spending it hurts the economy, so I went to Target to do my part. Suck on that analysts.

***I love change. Love it. I get so bored when things don't change. I don't like traumatic change. So don't wish that on me. Too bad the change I want consists of "projects" that my husband gets to do. Man I wish I were more handy.

***The other change is that I want a dog. An inside not yappy dog. And we love schnoodles. How could you not love that face? But they are expensive. Time to save some pennies.

***I was asked to share something somewhere this past week. And I was super nervous and tried to "prepare" and I couldn't do it. So I just off the top of my head went for it. I have no idea what I really said or how it sounded or if I accidentally let out a curse word (which would have been horrific in the setting), but I did it. If I did say something profound how much profounder would it have been if I had planned. Not sure the opportunity will come up again. But if it does, I'll just read a blog of mine.

***I think I am done. I have been eating TJ chips and Hummus and I am in love with Trader Joe. At this point I would be in love with any Joe right now. Gluttony is an art.


Kristin said...

You are so random. And funny. I have read this a couple of times but finally took the time to sign in and actually comment. Just love your HABSM tips!

jazzy said...

I love your random bloginess! I TOTALLY follow it... scary, huh?!!

Werner Ebner said...

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