Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When not to sweat the small stuff and when to sweat away....

1. child spilling cheerios on the ground, no sweat. child spilling the cheerios on the ground and then proceeding to do a rain dance whilst dripping liquid from their overturned sippy cup, some sweat.

2. child writing on countertops with pen, no sweat. child writing on leather couch with permanent marker, some sweat

3. child filling sink with water and splashing, no sweat. child filling sink with water while water is still running and flows over the sink and not exactly onto the floor but into an open drawer filling it up to over flow into the cupboard area and then onto the floor and surrounding the toilet. all while mommy was taking a 5 minute shower, some sweat.

4. child playing with plastic bowls on floor, no sweat. child playing with plastic bowls and putting them in the toaster oven while mommy sits on the couch getting a tiny bit of rest and then suddenly smells a funny smell to find that the plastic bowl in the toaster oven has now caught on fire, some sweat.

5. child cutting paper while mommy supervises, no sweat. child upstairs "playing" and when mommy goes to check on child, notices he has scissors in his hand and his jammies have a hole in them and mommy is trying nicely, through gritted teeth, to tell the child to put the scissors down whilst running up the stairs in a graceful way so as not to alarm the child into a cutting frenzy, some sweat.

6. child watching a show quietly, no sweat. child watching a show while mommy gets something to eat and notices it is too quiet and then sees that child has used scissors to cut the brand new furniture, some sweat.

7. child riding tricycle while working in the garage, no sweat. child riding tricycle while working in the garage and then noticing that child is not making a noise and then realize that child is missing and then find out that child went to neighbor's house to follow plumber underneath the house to do inspection, some sweat.

8. child saying hi to daddy's co-workers, no sweat. child saying hi to daddy's co-workers and then points to large man and asks if he has a baby in his belly, some sweat.

9. child waking mommy up with a sweet kiss, no sweat. child running into mommy's room at 6:30 am...screaming that the rain (there was none) was going to soak his truck and that he needed to get it right now and then waking up his brother, some sweat.

10. knowing that child is growing up and is amazing, no sweat. knowing that child is growing up to be a big boy and start school soon, some sweat and tears.


Kristin said...

You should call this Blood, Sweat and Tears. I laughed outloud at #5. Down shift sloooowly so as not to scare the child into harming themselves. Been there, done that...

Kristin said...

*out loud. oopsiforgotaspace.