Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If I were a viking....

If I were a viking...i would yell into the wind and hope it didn't yell back.
If I were a walrus...i would lay around and tan myself and complain about how skinny i look.
If I were a lion...i would walk around roaring because that's what lions do.
If I were a dog...i would run after cars and pretend it was me that scared them off.
If I were a piece of paper...i would crumple myself and fall underneath a table to hide and then spy on everyone all the while taking notes with my trusty friend, Lead the Mighty Pencil
If I were a bird...i would nosedive into a crowd of people just to see them scamper
If I were a glow-in-the-dark star...i wouldn't glow just to see the light turn on...then off.  then on. then off. 
If I were a tree planted next to a rose bush...i would bend over to smell it permanently making me the bendy tree.
If I were a phone...i would call people's voicemail and say hello.
If I were a bee...i would take pollen from all the flowers except for one...just to show it who's boss.
If I were a cow...i would think chocolate.
If I were a the ocean...i would sing with the whales
If I were a plankton...i would be very scared and try to stay stillllll.
If I were a podium...i would have lots of knowledge
If I were a soccerball...i would be bruised
If I were a piece of popcorn..i would make my way over to the caramel and bathe.
If I were a puppy and saw a kid coming...i would run like crazy

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Kristin said...

My favorite is the plankton... very stilllll...