Friday, October 31, 2008

Victory is mine!!!!!

Its done, finished....I have succeeded in the hurdle of life.  Gimme some champagne already!!

So my last distressed blog caused a few friends to slap me upside the head and get my focus into perspective.  Thank you know who you are!  And a specific shout out to my mom, who is my friend, but more importantly one of my favorite cheerleaders. 

I tried new ground rules for our little man...even wrote them down so Jay and I would be able to keep our focus on the challenge ahead.  I was ready for the impending failure that was sure to come and it.....never did.  My little man took on the challenge, basked in the praise that we were giving him...which I liken to a fire hose with the water on full blast.  He kept his eyes on the prize and came out a winner!!!  

In hindsight, it was I that came out the winner.  I remained calm, knowing that I had a plan of action into place.  I breathed more often, knowing that some day it was all going to work out.  And I prayed like a mad woman!  

Now for the next boy...bring it, I am ready!  


Kristin said...

Way to go, mom. You rock. Victory is YOURS.

lillianb said...

great pic! i can tell you've been practicing... :)