Thursday, May 22, 2008

take me to the beach...

*(* Today we had a showing and i thought they were going to bail like the rest of them. But they were there for an hour. And 20 minutes of it, I sat in the car across the street in my neighbor's driveway giving my hubby a play by play.

"They are walking outside" "They are pointing to the roof" (if they found a pot of gold up there, I think its legally ours!!) "they are walking to the right of the house." "they are pointing." "one almost tripped but made a good recovery" "one is stealing our TV" jk.

Anyway, we haven't heard anything. PLEASE GOD PLEASE!!!

*(* have you actually listened to how other people sound when they are getting off the phone? Right when they say bye it sounds like another person. So much so that i often think my friends make some passerby say goodbye for them. its a whole tone different and more than an octave lower. I don't know why that is. So I have been making an effort to say bye in an octave higher. It might sound a little weird, but I think people will eventually appreciate it. Next time you talk on the phone pay attention to the bye.

*(* asher has a tendency to put his hands in his pants. One day, I said why do you have your hands in your pants? He says, just checking my balls! Well then by all means, keep it up. boys!!!

*(* we went to the beach last week. God is a good God for making beaches! I prefer bath temperature water so the gulf water was a little bit cold to me. But as everyone get used to it. You wanna know why? Cuz your legs are frozen and all feeling in them have left. If you put your whole body in, it freezes as well. That's when you say the water is fine. and people get in the water and pretty soon everyone is a big frozen blob in the water..

*(* i have learned that expectations can lead to disappointment. So I don't ever expect the garbage man to pick up my trash. But when he does....I am a happy camper. So down with expectations...and up with feigned enthusiasm!!!

*(* People say that the more kids you have the more relaxed you tend to be. I am thinking that before that ever happens to me I'll need 17 more kids and you can call me Miss-laid-back-with-no-hair-and-a-malnourished-body-due-to-not-having-time-to-eat-and-a-hole-in-my-floor-from-walking-in-circles-wondering-why-I-ever-listened-to-my-mother.

*(* Right now Tobin is putting bananas in the toaster oven. Thank God I unplugged it.....or did I?

*(* I always have stuff to say when i am driving in the car but when i sit down to type. nothing.

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