Thursday, December 13, 2007

There's a hole, a random hole

***I have a little secret I would like to share with you. I enjoy vacuuming. Well i enjoy vacuuming hair. Okay okay, i enjoy vacuuming hair, that is still attached to my kids. they love it and i love it and it makes us happy. And then today I vacuumed my hair and managed to get a saaaaweeet nest of tangles. I no longer like to vacuum hair. Okay that's a lie. I will continue to vacuum children hair...bring on the kids!!!

***"I hear you, I care, that sucks." Somebody said that in a show I watched and it actually hit me. How great would that be to hear when you are going And then it kept going through my great would it be for me to say that to my child when he wants my attention. Minus the 'that sucks' part. I have been trying really hard to do that with him every day. I mean after 50 times, of momma momma momma momma momma.....I think I can stop what I am doing and say....Asher, I hear you, I care. Now go play and let momma play on myspace. hahahaha jk.

***Today was a rough day for me and the kids. Mostly just me. Oblivious little boogers. I went to this bouncy thing with a friend and her kids then we went to eat sandwiches and our kids were being so crazy and we kept telling them to settle down but it wasn't clicking and we were too lazy to do anything about it. So we just started laughing. It completely broke whatever cloud was hanging on my head. And that leads to the next story....

Jay is out of town tonight. I was thinking..hmmmm, i'll just put the boys in the shower so i can clean up a little bit. Nobody has ever drowned in the shower. (Have they?? That would be rough if so) Anywho, Asher starts calling my name and said that Tobin did a yucky. Well yes, he pooped in the shower. Not a big deal cuz it was contained in one spot. So i rinse it out the drain and clean that section and think not to shabby. Not 5 minutes later and Asher calls for me again. This time it is all over the bottom of the shower. So I move the kids to the tub and proceed to wash this sewage down the drain. All the while gagging profusely.

Then I pour bleach on the bottom to disinfect and thought, I should wear flip flops so the bleach won't eat my feet. Well no, it did not eat my feet. It started to eat my flip flops. So not only do I have poo everywhere, I have black flip flop goo. it was not pretty. Had it not been for that laugh....I don't think I would have made it. Thanks Lydia!!

***I am plum out of funny. I need to sleep and dream about clean showers.

Merry Christmas!!!

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