Friday, September 7, 2007

is there soap in my mouth?

its all random from here on out....

*****i love my dyson. i use it to vacuum up just about everything. i have also learned that its not always safe to vacuum up everything. Hence a list, when to use or not to use the hose part of the vacuum:
-children's hair is okay, face or belly will leave a mark
-floor around curtain is okay, 1 millimeter to the right will take down the whole window
-spiders sounds good, but then fearing that they might crawl out and attack you later is not worth it
-cleaning welcome mat outside front door is okay, but waving to the neighbor looking at me oddly is not
-cleaning outside of vacuum is okay, taking apart vacuum then trying to clean the part you took off is not okay nor wise.

*****i tend to get canker sores pretty bad. Those are the sores inside of your mouth. Well my mom was telling me that back in her day they used styptic pencils that would basically burn it. She said it hurt but then it would go away. So i actually found some styptic stuff in qtips. They market it for stopping the bleeding. I am assuming they don't mean blood that makes puddles but blood that will scab in 2 minutes. 

Anywho...instead of trying it in my mouth on something that already hurts, i decided to try it on my leg. I had cut myself shaving and was bleeding so hey why not make it stop quicker. 

I snap the Q-tip making the liquid fall into the other tip of the Q. I carefully place the Qtip to the bleeding cut and walah. No blood. Then oh so quickly pain ensues. And I don't mean pain like ow, that hurts. I mean pain like Jesus come back and save me please. holy mother of all that is holy. Make it stop, make it stop. I pass out from the pain, not really but i might as well have. Needless to say I survived the burning incident. And no mom, I will not be using that on any canker sore of mine.

I went to brush my teeth today. First, there was foam, then there was icky tasting, then there was the realization that Asher likes to wash his hands in my sink over my toothbrush. blech!!

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