Thursday, July 26, 2007

when my brain starts to go....

have you ever walked into a store and noticed that they rearranged all their stuff and when you ask why they changed it they say no we didn't change anything. So then you scratch your head and think where am i? then when you tell your husband that they moved everything around and he thinks you are crazy but you are so sure they did move it. When i say everything i mean move the isles around and the cash registers. So convinced that they moved everything that you call them on the phone and mask your voice and ask them if they rearranged their things....and they didn't?

if your brother arrives to his reception drunk as a skunk and then acts like he's it okay to go ahead and leave early?

if you see three men walking in your not home neighbors back it okay to call the cops because you are bored out of your mind and you think its funny to watch the cops "scope" the place out? Knowing full well that the cops have nothing better to do in a town where people ride their tractors to school.

Is it wrong to tell your son that there are no more cookies when in fact there are 5 more but you want to eat them all when he takes a nap?

Is it okay to want the iPhone so bad that you are thinking of asking for money for your one year old's birthday instead of gifts so you can buy one?

Is it wrong to compare every situation to a movie or Friends and then have people look at you like you are a phreak incapable of human interaction?

Is it normal to want to throw a ball at your son to get his attention because yelling his name 50 times while your voice cracks is not working?

I wish it were normal to break out in song once in awhile. I think it would be funny and sure make life a little more interesting!!! I try it at home but its just not appreciated by my family. My car likes it and trusty GPS.

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