Friday, July 20, 2007

Life after vacation

I have more thoughts. I cannot say that they will make sense but I hope at least one will entertain you and then my work will be done...

I am so glad that I got to see so many people when I came to Redding. It warmed my heart to see you all. I wish we could have talked more but its slowly sinking in that quality conversations with tiny children around is not going to happen. If I didn't get to see some of you, I am sorry and we'll have to see each next time.

I watched Victoria Beckham's Coming to America. I was laughing so hard. She is a riot. I do wish it was a regular show. Its so major. Besides I like her hair.

When we got home from our trip--Asher went crazy like. Momma....our house! Momma, my kitchen, my chair, my bathroom....your bed, your chair. My tub, my room. My...Daddy, what are these? "curtains" My curtains, i love my curtains. I love blue, my fan, my stairs...and the list goes on.

Coming back from vacation is a treat. Coming back from vacation with suitcases strewn about is a better treat. Coming back from vacation with suitcases strewn about and having your realtor call to tell you that people want to come see your house in a few hours when you just took it off the market is an even better treat.

Asher likes to wake up before me. That's doable. What's not doable is him patting me on the cheek telling me its time to wake up. Grrrrrrr......

Some of you were telling me that the ice tea at Starbucks was way yummy and I went to there to try it out. Conversation to follow:
"Welcome to Starbucks how can i assist you?"
"I would like an ice tea."
"What flavor?"
"What flavor would you like?"
"Uh.....what flavor do you have?"
"We have white blueberry, black, passion fruit, green, purple, a urine yellow, periwinkle and banana flavor."
"I just want some ice tea and I want it sweet."
"How about black?"
"Will it be sweet?"
"Yes ma'am"
"Bring it on!"

After all that, i finally tasted it. It wasn't sweet. Did I mention that I have a severe addiction to sugar? and I wasn't really impressed. So am I trying to the wrong one? I did try passion fruit last night and it was good. What I am thinking is that you west coasters don't normally have sweet tea so when you drink already sweetened tea you get a little giddy. You silly people you!!

alright i need to wash clothes, then fold, then put away. then start all over again. And catch up on my shows.

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