Friday, June 22, 2007

Sitting in my thinking chair and think..think...thiiiiiiiiiiink

i have thoughts and i shall share. Oh goody for all y'all.

1. We have arrived in the Power household. Asher is now potty trained and our wallets are little fatter for it. yipppeeeee! I cant decide if I am more proud of him or myself for sticking with it.

2. I am jealous of teenagers who have no fat on their hips. And I secretly hope they have a baby to correct that. I am also hoping that someday people will want hip implants to make their hips look like mushrooms. Then I will be in style and will be happy.

3. I love surfing the internet while I am on the toilet. I do not like when my legs get numb.

4. frozen corn on the cob from Schwans is the bomb. Yep I said bomb. How old am I?

5. I am jealous of people that dress cool. Some of you might think that I dress cool but wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day is not cool. Especially if you don't wash them. Which i don't do. I am a washing machine user. I would rather wash and dry then put away.

6. I hate cleaning the shower.

7. I don't like it when people start to think they are better than others and then forget about others when the others were there all along. it makes me sad. why can't we all just get along? Cuz I have got some news....nobody is better then me. And I am no better than anyone else.

8. I want to finish my book but self-doubt has settled in and I am crippled from it.

9. I think that mothers in the world would be much happier if all of them had a maid and a part-time nanny.

10. I miss Friends. I don't mean my friends. I mean Friends the TV show. I am now watching Season 4 for the upteenth time and I miss them. I could cry right now just thinking about how much I miss that show. For you GG miss them now. Just wait a couple of years until you watch some old episodes and realize how much you really miss them. Is it weird to miss characters in a TV show?

11. I don't like my hair. I can't seem to find a hairstyle I like. Or if I do like it by the time I go back to trim it up it is some other style that can never go back to the other style and frankly that is un-stylish. And when do I have time to do my hair anyway?

12. Our house still hasn't sold. I don't know why. The next time any of you talk to God, please feel free to ask Him. Either He isn't talking or I am not listening.

13. I miss my old pastor. I miss him a lot. I usually love change but this change makes my heart sad. I grieve every time I think about his absence and not being able to hear him speak. There is a little hole in my heart over the loss.

14. Have you ever had friends that you love so much its scary? And you want the world for them? And you wish you could wave a magic wand so that every dream could come true? To the point that you would sacrifice your dreams for just one of theirs to come true?

15. Am I boring you yet? Yes, okay. Good night to you all! May all your dreams come true even the ones you forgot about. He never forgets!!!!

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