Thursday, April 19, 2007

why do birds suddenly appear?

Without the capacity to provide its own information, the mind drifts into randomness...Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

#1 My husband offered to make me sugar cheese toast and I thought he was off his rocker. But cheese on toast sprinkled with sugar is now my favorite thing. At least it makes me feel better than just sprinkling sugar on toast...okay fine...eating sugar by the spoonfuls. When we were newly married, my husband caught me eating spoonfuls of hot cocoa mix. Now there is a sign on it that says, "Don't eat me". The sad thing is that I bought it from Costco and its 2/3 full. I have never made hot chocolate from this mix. Think about that one for a minute.

#2 Once, I tried feeding Tobin some Oatmeal baby cereal and he threw it up a couple of hours later. A couple of months later, I tried it again. Same result. Today, I thought, surely he's almost 8 months old, he should be able to digest it. Nope. He puked all over Jay and then some. I would say its safe to say Tobin don't do oatmeal.

#3 I buy Asher apple juice. Secretly, I buy it for me. I love the stuff.

#4 I am in the process of writing a book. A book of crazy rhymes. Are you all excited to read it? ;) My friend is currently browsing through it to give me feedback. (no hurries). I am super excited about it. I really don't care if anyone buys it (yes I do) but I think its super funny and it makes me laugh.

#5 For some reason when I drink alcohol I think its funny to take a few sips and then say...Whoa! I'm drunk!. But I am really not. And I don't even drink that often at all. Which is maybe why I think its funny to say emphasize what a light weight I am. But later when I think about it, like now, I think that is about the dumbest thing to say. Except, right now, I am laughing about it. Right now..and now. Totally worth it!!

#6 Some of you have asked if we have had any offers on our house. The better question would be have we had any showings. One. Only one. Uh, are in control, right? ;)

#7 I love Zuma and having my hair shampooed. i love the smell of rosemary and horses, even though they scare me--rosemary not horses. no..horses.

#8 goodnight

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