Monday, April 2, 2007

Random is good, random is great

okay so i finally used a mixer for my brownies. As I told my friend, Mary, today...beating brownie batter to death produces a little glimpse of heaven. I am starting to become convinced that brownie batter makers say 50 strokes so that you have an okay brownie. And when you eat your okay brownie you think to yourself, "surely, I can do better than this" so you keep trying to make better brownies, making them money because you keep buying the box. I actually started making brownie batter from scratch cuz its so easy and because i am cool....martha stewart cool.

***this contains material that is inappropriate for single boys, mammoth women and people with twitchy eyes**
i woke up a couple of mornings ago and thought that it would be a good day to start potty training Asher. So i stripped him of his diaper and let him run around like a caveman. Did I mention that he is also obsessed with these rain boots that I bought him at Target? he's outside playing with his cute tooshie showing when he starts yelling..mommy, i have a poopy. I go grab him and see that he has some poopy dangling from his pooter. I carefully grab him and escort him to the toilet. He pushes real hard and says he's all done, which I find odd because there was only a little bit stuck to his toosh. I then proceed to wipe his tooshie with TP. Which is actually quite gross considering the poop is smeared in his crack. As I am wiping him I notice that his poopy had fallen down his leg. Then I notice his poopy had fallen down his leg and fell into his boot. Blech. Gag. Needless to say, I am gagging big time and all Asher can do is repeat..."What's wrong momma? What's wrong with you?" After all that I have decided to take a break from potty training.

Asher and I were telling each other a knock knock joke and after I told him he laughed really hard. Which is a little funny to me since he has heard the same joke a bijillion times. (yes, bijillion is a word to me) Anywho, he laughed really hard and then said...momma your funny! It was a crack up. Apparently not so much while I am writing it out.

I got a GPS for my birthday. My mom thinks its silly because I already know my way around. But for some reason its very fulfilling to me when Bessy tells me, in her British accent, to turn right and I know that turning right would not be the best move so I go straight and make Bessy re-calculate. It seriously tickles me. If I had the time and all the gas in the world, then I would just drive around Middle Tennessee and watch Bessy calculate. Can she do it? Will she fail? I'll keep you posted.

I love Spring. LOVE IT! Its a new beginning, a fresh start. I love new beginnings. Its adventure with a jump to it. Its breathing in the goodness of life, the faithfulness of God and the needed tan to jump start its way on my skin. Birds sing a new song, the grass or in our case, weeds, come out of the barren ground to say hello. The flowers on the trees are just a reminder that the wise words my mother always reminds me actually holds some truth....this too shall pass. The barren, the cold, the somber mood of winter shall pass. It shall pass and bring with it the wonder of green, the beauty of flowers and the long walks hand in hand. Spring is a wonderment to me. Every year its a new one for me, like I have never seen a Spring before. Then again every season is new to me because my children get older and I get to experience the seasons with them and their fresh eyes and new understandings. So right now, I experience Spring with Asher. Where he sees a fallen bug on the ground, places it on his hand and then proceeds to search the garage high and low to find his new bug a friend. Bring out the bugs..let's find them all a friend.

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