Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mommy Log

mommy log 49254: Trying to prime and paint the outside table with a spray can seems plausible. Priming and painting outside table with hurricane-like winds is not plausible nor very bright. I now have one leg and one finger that is black.

mommy log 23356: Trying to convince the man, that came by the yard sale, that no, the government did not use remote controlled airplanes to hit the World Trade Centers, is not working. Trying not to laugh when he says that there were explosive charges on the building and that's why they came down is not working either. Wondering if this man is channeling my brother is a possibility.

mommy log 65437: Getting house ready to sale is hard work. Knowing that we are moving back to Franklin is a pleasant feeling. leaving this house is sad but its time.

mommy log 09678: Trying to clean whole house in one day is a joke. Trying to clean one room is a good goal. Keeping it clean with a 3 year old? Sorry i had to stop to laugh.

mommy log 02374: Watching American Idol hurts my ears. Trying to guess which analogy Simon will use is exciting. Its like walking through a store and searching for a bottle of ketchup only to have it be hot sauce. It absolutely was horrible.

mommy log 45683: Trying to keep mommy log funny is absolutely not much fun. Ending mommy log is near impossible. Do people realize how many weird, crazy and not so laughable thoughts are in my head?

mommy log 23598: To all of those telling me to use a blender for the brownies instead of building up my bicep by stirring..thank you. Only know that when I make brownies its usually when the kids are in bed and like opening a can of cat food makes a cat go wild, the sound of whirring from my Kitchen Aid makes my children foam at the mouth.

mommy log 76492: Eating a turkey sandwich with cheese and lettuce is yummy. Taking a bite of the sandwich and realize that you are eating paper is perplexing. Realizing that I never took the paper off the cheese is laugh worthy.

mommy log 13453: Knowing that people like to read my blogs gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. Seeing that they comment on them makes my head swell with pride. (get the hint)

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