Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shock and Awe

14 Feb 07 Wednesday

Asher has this car that has been broken for a little while. I finally found some crazy glue and thought it couldn't be that hard to glue it together. Do you see where this is going?

So i squeeze the tube and nothing. Look at the tiny hole and nothing. Now that I think about it, how do they get crazy glue not to stick to the tube or itself. Mind boggling. i squeeze a little harder then a little harder and a little harder still and blamo it goes everywhere. But all over the car and i think who cares, I'll put the tire in anyway. I put the tire around the puddle of glue and take my hand away. But finger is not moving away from the tire. Move, finger move. So i use my other finger to put the tube of crazy glue down. Uh oh...let go of the tube, finger. LET GO!!!! Oh dear Lord. What now? I take a picture and send it to my husband with the words...need help! here is said picture:

In the picture, I am thinking. How did you get yourself into this mess?

He responds with some sound advice...acetone or soap but pretty much all the advice says you will lose the top layer of skin. Oh goody! I never really like the top layer of my skin anyway. So I proceed to soak my fingers in acetone nail polish remover. Which, by the way, nail polish remover is not really 100% acetone but a watered down version. (I will now refer to nail polish remover as npr, not to be confused with national public radio) I would assume that if you continually used the npr with acetone and it was 100% your fingers might fall off. Thank you nail polish people.

Okay back to soaking in my blue, watered-down, acetone npr. The finger with the tube on it looks as though it is starting to melt. Sort of like salt on a slug or even better; water on the wicked witch of the west or east or southeast, whatever. I keep thinking to myself, now that cannot be good. If it does that to the tube and plastic top what could it possibly be doing to my finger? Thought aside, the tube falls off. yippeee for melting plastic. Now I have a plastic plus rubber tire on my finger. And it will not budge. I pour npr and attempt to tear my finger off the tire, to no avail. Finally i pour Melaleuca oil all over my finger and tear tear tear. Not that I thought the oil was what saved it, but I figured if I was going to tear skin off maybe the oil would help with the healing process a little bit. It didn't hurt that bad. And if anybody wants to frame me you can find part of my fingerprint on that tire.

Here are the fingers minus tube and tire...(notice the blue finger)

Needless to say, all is well. I can still give the peace sign and I can now type with both hands. I would beware of crazy glue. I would really beware of spewing crazy glue!!

Happy Valentines Day!

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