Friday, February 2, 2007

Night time ramblings...will i regret this in the morning?

03 Feb 07 Saturday

I was posting a bulletin about carpet color and it made me think of my real hair color, or what it was 10 years ago, is called dirty dishwater blonde. who makes this stuff up? I don't even know what color it is now.

Today Asher was acting like a pill. I don't even know what that means but it sounded good at the time. Maybe its like a pill because when you take a pill without water it gets stuck in your throat and you start coughing so much that you want to pull your tongue out and climb in your throat to find the blasted thing stuck in your throat. yeah i am sure that is exactly what its like. nothing like it. i can never use that saying again.

i actually played the lottery today. and guess what...i didn't win. oh well. the odds were soooo in my favor.

the other day I was changing Asher's diaper and Tobin was laying next to him and started to roll towards Asher and Asher kept saying no no no . I said, Asher he's trying to give you a hug. and Asher says, "OH!" puts out his hands and says, "come here little boy!" it was so funny.

Only a mother can still love their child after they spit up and it goes down their shirt. And it doesn't just stop at the boobs. it ends up falling straight down the center of my boobs, right where there is a gap in, what I wouldn't classify as a real bra, and then puddles into what I now know to be a canyon of a belly button. I had to put spelunking gear on just to clean out the canyon of a belly button.

I should be in bed right now. But Asher and Tobin didn't nap today and the house is so quiet, I don't' know what to do with myself. so I type for all my fans because that is what I do. I type out my thoughts as they enter my head. which totally stinks because its been 18 minutes and I have only had...10 thoughts. that is less than a thought a minute. no wait, 2 minutes. no that's not right. I am wasting thinking time on this. 1.5 thoughts a minute. Did i even take math in school? oh gosh...i'll stop.

I am now going to type for a couple of minutes and type my thoughts as they come. Do not be alarmed. this is only a test.

One time i thought, hey i will comment everyone in my friend list because i am pretty much friends of some kind with all of them. Except for Jars of Clay. I am their #1 fan. not really because i have never been their concert. But i love them. I don't know why. They are a little quirky. and some of their band members are short. but that's okay, its just unnerving to be a fan of people that are shorter than you. Not that i am against short people. this thought is getting me no where. so anywho back to commenting. i was going to do it but then i realized that saying hi to a bunch of different people was boring for me but perhaps endearing to them. but what if friend #1 saw that i commented friend #4 the same thing. how could i do that to them and perhaps cause mishap of some sort. so i didn't do it. it would have been great though and you all would have liked it. yep ya would have.

whew...i am OUTTA breath. I had better get to bed. Lord knows i need the beauty sleep.

as asher tells right back...5 minutes momma...shhhhhhh......

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