Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So I was making brownies the other day. And you know how they say to stir for only 50 strokes? Have you ever really thought of what that means? Do you really count? I mean when do you actually start to count. When you start to stir, it seems as though you are just kind of mixing up the ingredients. But does that count as a stroke? What about the mixing when you want to scrape it off of the bottom of the bowl. Does that count? And what if I go 51 strokes? Has anyone ever tried that? Do you think the Brownie Nazi comes in your kitchen and wags her finger at you? Or maybe Alton Brown comes in and lectures you on the fine art of cocoa. Have you ever thought of doing 48 strokes? If its 48 strokes it might not make it to brownie status and comes out as weird gelatinous mess. And then you get so mad at yourself thinking...if only i would have done 2 more strokes. TWO MORE. its a shame really.

So if anyone out there makes brownies with more or less than 50 strokes. Do tell about your results.

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