Sunday, January 14, 2007


This is what happens when i am tired and delirious.....

Threaten Asher with a spankin' and he doesn't care. Threaten to take away his 'papi" (pacifier) and he is sweet as apple pie.

I flip through the channels and find a movie i like...What a Girl Wants. So I watch it, while secretly shaking my fist at all the dang commercials. Only to realize that I own this movie.

Jay is gone for all this week to Atlanta. At first i was going to go with him and stay with friends but then when we decided that it would be better for the kids to just stay home. He has been gone 5 hours and I already want to pack the kids up and go to him.

have you ever put on a shirt thinking it felt funny and realized about 4 hours later that it was on backwards? And then you race through your mind to figure out where have you been and how many people had seen you like that? me neither.

Colin Firth is a cutie

Tobin is eating rice cereal and although him sleeping longer through the night is pure bliss, i am kind of sad he is growing up.

I am too tired to continue. I miss my husband. good night

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