Thursday, December 7, 2006


What is it with people and their soapboxes that they like to preach from???

So today I was perusing Myspace passing time when I came across a site of someone who is very adamant about what they believe in. Okay, fine. Then it led me to other "friends" that were really putting up a fuss about what they believe. I don't mind sharing what you believe but to sit on a pedestal and cast judgment on those not like you is a whole different story.

I thought I would write down things that people were saying and my retort. Cuz I was offended and I need to get it off my chest. P. Bill says to step over the offense and this is how I do it.

Point ..1 - Breastfeed exclusively for up to a year. Which means no solids.
Most people like to introduce solids by at least 6 months because their boobs have been stretched out so far, they could feed their child around a corner. Its nice to get a break and let Gerber make their millions.

Point ..2 - Cloth diapers are the way to go.
I agree, but I am petitioning to have an island made out of disposable diapers where all the water I saved from not washing my cloth diapers will be used in the water park I would build on it. Besides, washing out poo from a diaper makes me gag. And the corn that my son eats that does not get digested comes out his pooter and that is something you just want to forget about.

Point ..3 - Potty training at 6 months.
This sounds amazing and I would definitely do it, if I did not have to clean my house, watch my 2 1/2 year old and catch up on Grey's Anatomy. I do not have the time, energy or focus to pay attention to my little one while he lays naked to watch for signs when he is ready to pee. Because by the time he pees, I will have been in the bathroom asleep against the wall and would have missed the "sssss" I am supposed to do to make him associate peeing with "ssssssing"

Point ..4 - Do not let babies get attached to inanimate objects.
I personally like inanimate objects. They help me cope throughout the day especially when I am asleep against the wall in a different bathroom because Asher found me in the first one.

Point ..5 - Co-sleeping is the way to go.
Now I find that rolling over and letting my little man nurse is great. But its not great that I wake up every 5 minutes thinking I just rolled on top of him. Or pushing at my husband because I think he's rolling over him. Personally, I think the husbands would get jealous of the babies for being able to have the boobs all night long without being smacked or told "not right now".

Point ..6 - Its cruel to leave a baby in the car-seat while you chat it up for coffee or a meal.
What's cruel is that my son, who is 3 months old, and is the poster child for the bobble head toy, hits his head on the table because I wanted him near me to feel my closeness. I feel that I can smile at him and hold his hand just fine while he is in his car seat. And seriously, do you know how many men out there would kill to be able to eat in recliners when dining out?

Point ..7 - Novocain during dental procedures is bad.
Totally. I love when a drill goes into my tooth and I feel it. You might as well jab a pitchfork in my thigh to "trick" my brain from the pain in my mouth.

Point ..8 - Circumcision is equivalent to genital mutilation.
On this one site it listed comments from those men who were circumcised. one comment was that he no longer talks to his parents for taking away his skin without asking. Really Sparky?? This man cries every time he has sex because his skin is missing. Do what Joey did on Friends. Use silly putty.

I realize that people believe in certain things and they believe in them with all their heart. I believe in stuff too. Like you should always eat Hot Tamales with a glass of milk because it helps keep the burning of the mouth to a minimum. I just don't think people should judge others for not doing things the way they do them. To each his own. I know I could do more to help the environment and all that good stuff. But if I can do things one step at a time, then I am okay.

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